Friday, 13 September 2013

how do you feel?

Saya track rakan2 yang lama..
and asked them.. how was i dulu?
my story..

when i was in secondary school,
i started being ill.
have lots of memory.
whatever it was,
i've survived.

when i am on my way completing my diploma,
i was seriously ill.
some people.. take advantage on me.
and hey you! 
this is not revenge...
i am being kind of letting you go
but im telling you.. 
" doa orang yang teraniaya never dies"
forever, you will suffer..

then undergraduate study..
in USM n UKM.
it was awesome.
i've survived.. 
2 years and a half completing my degree.
yeah!!! i did it!


so whats next?

surely, the final destination is Allah.
from him we've become, to Him shall we return.