Wednesday, 27 April 2011

otomen lg kuat dari ben10 aarr

boy's age : 8 years old
location : home


hidayah : oh you are drawing..what is his name? he is very green.

boy 1 : its ben 10! He can change himself to a monster !

boy 2 : but there is another green here.. its the hulk..

hidayah : do they really exist?

boy2 1 and 2 : no.. they don't..

hidayah : so, why do you adore them so much?

boy 1 and 2 : with a bitter face " we do not adore them, we are drawing them!"


1 year later ...

hidayah : i have enough with cartoons..hand me the remote

boy 1 : im watching ben 10! look..he saved the world! and i've got list to watch..

boy 2 : i never got to see ultraman daia.. urghhhh~

hidayah : do you believe they really exist?

boy 1 and boy 2 : NO!! but ..but.. they seems real..

hidayah : let me tell you whats real..

boy 1 and boy 2 : huh??

hidayah tell stories about the miracles of prophet Musa r.a vs pharaoh...

boy 1 : waahahahaha...shaitan is cruel~! shaitan lives in hell ..

boy 2 : last time a silly boy in my class google the image of shaitan.. they look awful..

hidayah : my dear..Allah gives shaitan permission to bring along uncommitted Muslim to hell..they are not yet in the hell...they are still living with us.. until the day of the judgement..and we have no idea how's shaitaan looks like..

boy 1 : how do we know its true if we do not see them?

boy 2 : yes.. no movies ever showed them..except hell boy..

hidayah : got a point! i tell you what.. go catch some butterflies and come back in for tea..

during the tea time...

boy 2 : auntie!! we saw 3 butterflies and it has different colours each..

boy 1 : it was hard to catch..i always slipped.

hidayah : how do i know its true? i did not see it?

boy 1 : it is true!!

boy 2 : did you not record it on the video?.. ( staring at boy 1 )

boy 1 : you are also too busy with the butterflies!!

hidayah : oh we don't want to fight love.. see.. real true stories happen in life not in television.. as if pharaoh have video cam at that time? so kids, you must understand stories in the television are made up and recorded.

boy 1 : i get it!! animals cannot act in play..

boy 2 : and they will never be able to make up stories..

hIdayah smile.. ( i cannot agree more..animal are well trained not well educated to act in film..)

KIDS ARE JUST AMAZING especially "twisting stories" !! hahaha ^_^


  1. hahaha..its true!!well explained lah..anak menakan ka?comelnya :)

  2. kanak - kanak memang sangat comel.. :-)

  3. salam.... real story ke dayah???...

  4. azillatul : semua dalam blog ni edited based on true stories :-) semoga Allah ampunkan kekurangan saya

  5. subhanallah.. hee keep up the good work.... moga usaha dinilai olehNya.... ameen..