Saturday, 30 July 2011

fasting? what is that? OOhhh ramadhan..

Pat : waahh! 20 hours without no drinks and foods? that is very torturing.
Hidayah : err... not really actually.
Pat : it is not fair, you'll be fasting 20 hours while your family in Malaysia only 12 hours.

Hidayah : not really..
Pat : so tell me why?

ngeh ngeh.. yes yes~ the time has come.. i like other people asking ..wHyyy??

Hidayah : actually it is fine to fast 20 hours here.. even summer, the weather is not as hot in Malaysia..

Pat : oh.. But..but .. This is ridiculous! during winter.. you break your fast earlier..
Hidayah : Because God really understand human, during winter it is very cold..can you imagine the starvation if we have to fast 20 hours during winter?

Pat : right.. How about people in the poles? should them fast all year and only break it's fast once in a year
Hidayah : Well.. fasting is compulsory during Ramadhan.. and it only take 30 days.. in cases like poles, they will have to fast according to the time of their prayers like usual.

Pat : what do you mean by prayers? you mean, you have to fast.. and also pray? why cant you do either? you've been praying trough out the years..should have one month off during ramadhan.
Hidayah : actually our fast,prayers all are for the beneficial of ourselves.. it gives strength and guides us in this harsh life. we depend on God every second and every minute.

Pat : 5 prayers are just too many.
Hidayah : our prayers has its own time which is dawn,noon,late noon,evening and night.. a prayer only takes about 5 minutes.. 5x5 = 25 minutes out of 24 hours..does it sound many to you?

Pat : What about the poles? they don't have days like us.
Hidayah : For places like the poles, they still have to pray 5 times by measuring the hours stated by our scholars.

Pat : It sounds fair.At what time do you start fasting?
Hidayah : from dawn until late noon. approximately until the sun sets down.

Pat : That's a will get to eat during the night though..
Hidayah : Actually it helps to service the digestion system in our body, maintain the diet and the most important to feel the hunger that so many people out there suffers everyday. being grateful.

Pat : Alright then.. happy ramadhan.. you explains well to me.
Hidayah : No problem.. would you mind if i ask you a question regarding Buddha?

And the conversation continues... as we share our thoughts.. get real and ask real people :-)

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