Monday, 9 May 2011

Don't! No!! Stop!! Shhhh!

Huda is a very active girl.. she is 2 and half years old.. claimed by her mother to be very,very,very extremely naughty..this is my experience babysitting her..

Kids are just amazing,uniquely very simple.. the right word should be transparent..we do not find dishonest words in a 2 years old girl..Huda cannot speaks yet but she can utter well the word " NO" her behaviour explains everything..I spend my time observing her attitude in her house.In a day, Huda face the words Don't! No! Stop! almost every 20 seconds.. her mother told me to bear with her mischievous daughter..

When we first meet,I hold her hands and says salam.. i kiss her forehead and give her a warm hug..

Huda went into my house..she sits quietly on the sofa for only 30 seconds..

Huda went to my room and try to reach all the sprays and lotion..i understand how she does not like the words "NO" silently, i put my hand to block her hands.. she gets mad and start yelling.. so i just let her do whatever she wants.. anyway, i can always tidy it up later..i was out of the room awhile, when i come back the table was clear and all my sprays and lotion were all organized on the carpet..she arranged my sprays from the tallest to smallest.. i laugh and realise one thing ..Do not misunderstand smart kids by saying they are naughty.. just in fact, we do not have any idea what is it in her mind?

While i was cooking on a hot stove,she grabs a big onion..and wanted to put it inside the pan..
My sister said " you do not want to get your hands burn my dear"..Huda insists.. so my sister lift her up and let Huda feels the hot..She quickly take off her hands..and says "NO" to herself.. we smiled and ask her while pointing to the hot pan " YES?" she answered " NO..NO NO!" then she ran to the living room.. hahaha.. very smart girl!

Huda took my sister's handphone and want to play with it.. My sister asked gently " can you give it to me?" Huda said " NO!!" my sister smile and kiss her forehead " this is my phone, this is important to me" Huda says " NO!!" then she run away.. my sister just smiled and continue doing her work.. i stared at Huda and my sister interrupted " do not put much attention and she will give it back"
And she did!! right after that! Huda give back the handphone and give my sister a hug.. TWICE! i bet she is telling my sister " thanks for not being angry"

Before,her mother said that Huda did not want to eat at all.. just drink water..
Her mother almost cry when she saw Huda eat nasi goreng sharing the same plate with me..
Before,her mother also keep mentioning Huda like to disturb her little sister and makes the baby cry..Now, her mother sees the other lovely Huda who always brings pampers and wiper to assist her mother while changing..

In my heart, Huda is a very good girl..kind, smart and energetic..I will never forget this special child..who teach me this.." add your vocabulary, there are lots of other way to make someone STOP without saying NO"

The last time, Huda does not want to go home.. she said "!! NOOOO" sister and i answered " YESSSSSS" and she smiled, and waved goodbye..

Daripada Anas Ibnu Malik pernah berkata, aku tidak pernah melihat orang yang paling merahmati kanak-kanak melebihi Rasulullah SAW. Rasulullah SAW juga merahmati kanak-kanak dan memerhati keadaan mereka walaupun ketika Nabi sedang menunaikan sembahyang..

Daripada Abu Uthman An Nahdi ada berkata: “Umar ada memberi jawatan kepada seorang lelaki dari Bani Asad mengurus hal ehwal masyarakat, maka lelaki itu pun datang berjumpa Umar hendak mengambil surat pelantikannya, tiba-tiba datanglah beberapa orang anak Umar lalu Umar pun mencium pipi mereka, lelaki itu bertanya kepada Umar, adakah engkau mencium anak-anak kamu? Maka Umar menjawab: Ya, saya menciumnya, kenapa? Umar menyambung lagi, maka engkau kalau begitu sangat kurang merahmati orang ramai, kanak-kanak pun engkau tidak merahmatinya, kembalikan semula surat pelantikan kamu itu, aku tidak akan memberikan kamu apa-apa jawatan pun selepas ini selama-lamanya.”

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