Saturday, 7 May 2011

KFC for SpEcIaL dAy~

on special day, i always make my own Dinner Plate..the taste is sometimes even better!( this is what people always says).. therefore.. i think it is wise to share this healthy and cheap KFC recipe with all of us..

first..washing the chicken..( chicken nowadays are readily cut )

1) Skin off every fat that you see especially the yellow one underneath the skin...i mean it,EVERY EACH!
2) if possible, while washing the chicken, add a little bit of plain flour/salt to the water.. its just to eliminate odour and hygiene purposes..

second..the secret flour~

1)pour corn flour in a bowl..
2) add some curry spices ( add more for spicy taste)
3) never forget the salt :-)

third.. frying..

1) while waiting the oil ready, you can involve your kids or little bro/sist to give in some hand.. it is call " celup dalam tepung" ..some people prefer to coat the chicken with an egg (beat well) before rolling it inside "the secret flour"..
2) there you go, fry till well cooked.. ready to serve..

For coselow :

1) carrot, iceberg lettuce and cabbage cut in cubes [ lobak, salad iceberg dengan kobis* orang angin jangan letak!] nak ganti timun pon boleh~ apa yang ada..
2) letak mayoinase cairkan buh air sikit..garam .. paling penting.. susu cair/low fat fresh milk.. Beware!! berpada - pada dengan mayoinase dan susu : FAT~

For mashed potato :
1) peel-off potatoes
2) boil it until its soft enough to be crush (fork in to check)..
3) add little of milk and low fat-butter/margarine( majerin timbang pun boleh je).. crush it together until smooth..
4) optional* add some white pepper if no gravy

For gravy :
1) chopped garlic .cook it in two spoon of oil ( make sure the oil is the one used before to fry the chicken)
2) whisk in plain flour, black pepper ( powder/grounded please, if you using the seeds, be sure to cook it first so that it will not cause stomach ache)
3) pour milk and continue stirring to prevent lumps..if it is too thick, tiny it with little more milk.
4) and yet! don't forget the salt..

DONE~ simple..and the most thing is that.

RM 30 : baru dapat 3 kepala makan kfc..,kalau buat sendiri boleh dapat lebih 10 kepala untuk makan ^_^ it is because, i came from a big family, so we are used to do it ourselves.. cut cost is very important!

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